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Grain boundary diffusion technology

The Applicable Grade range of NdFeB for Grain boundary diffusion technology Can reduce the use volume of the rare earth (dysprosium /terbium) so that it can save the heavy rare earth resource effectively, and decreases the production cost of the magnet as well as enhance the comprehensive cost performance of high grade neodymium magnet.

Aiming at the magnets with same grade, compared with traditional technology, GBD technology uses less (HREE) Heavy rare earth and this technology can make the magnet with higher comprehensive cost performance, like 52SH, 52UH, 45EH, 42AH, 38TH, part of them Hcj(kOe)+(BH)max(MGOe)>82.This technology plays a great role is improving Hcj,reducing the cost.It is mainly suitable for SHT grade and above,such as 38SHT-48SHT,35UH-48UH,35EH-50EH,33AH-40AH and so on.

Grain boundary diffusion technology