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The lifting permanent magnet sucker is divided into manual type and automatic type. The Nd-fe-B magnetic material Nd-Fe-B is adopted, which makes it smaller in size, lighter in weight, stronger in holding force, unique in magnetic circuit design, and almost zero in remanence. The safety factor is high, and the maximum pull-off force is 3-4 times of the rated lifting force.

The manual lifting permanent magnet sucker handle switch is attached with a safety button, which can be operated by one hand, and is convenient and safe.

The full-automatic lifting permanent magnet sucker does not need manpower to pull the handle, but relies on the lifting and lowering of the lower hook of the electric crane to control the adsorption. It can lift the corresponding round steel and steel plate without electricity, and is safe to use. It is widely used for lifting and transporting steel products, installing and transporting flat mechanical parts and various molds.

Lifting permanent magnet sucker


  1. Small structure, compact shape and easy operation.
  2. High-performance permanent magnetic material without demagnetization.
  3. Work without the support of electricity or other power.
  4. Advanced and scientific magnetic circuit balance design, with strong holding power and almost zero remanence, which is safe and reliable.
  5. The maximum pull-off force is 3.5 times of the rated lifting force, and the safety factor is high.
Lifting permanent magnet sucker

Method of application

  1. When lifting, clean the surface of the work-piece to be lifted first, and clean up the scale and raised thorn if any. The center line of the lifting permanent magnet suction cup is preferably coincident with the center line of the work-piece, then the suction cup is placed on the working plane, and the rotating handle is rotated from the “-“position to the “+”direction to the limit pin. Check whether the security inclined block of the handle is locked automatically, and then lift it.
  2. When the work-piece is lifted, it is strictly forbidden to overload, and it is strictly forbidden for the human body to pass under the workpiece. The temperature of the work-piece to be lifted and the ambient temperature are not more than 80 degrees, and there is no violent vibration and impact.
  3. When lifting the cylindrical work-piece, keep the contact angle between the B-shaped groove and the work-piece as two straight lines, so its lifting force is only 30%-50% of the rated lifting force.
  4. After lifting, press the handle button inward to make the security key on the handle separate from the security pin. Rotate the handle from “+”to “-“to the limit pin. Make the lifting permanent magnet sucker in a closed state, and make the work-piece separate from the sucker.