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Magnetic filters meet the technological requirements of liquid media, so they are widely used in food industry, medicine, cosmetics, fine chemical industry and other industries.
At the same time, the magnetic filter with double filter barrels is equipped with two reversing valves. One group of filtering devices is put into operation during operation, and the position of reversing valves is changed during cleaning, while the other group can run continuously, thus ensuring the continuity of process pipelines.

Magnetic Filter

Composition and characteristics

The magnetic filter is composed of a strong magnetic material with high coercive force and a blocking filter screen, and its adsorption force is ten times that of ordinary magnetic materials. It has the ability to adsorb micron-sized ferromagnetic pollutants under instantaneous liquid flow impact or high flow rate, and can overcome the re-adsorption of ferromagnetic pollutants washed down under high-speed and large impact, thus avoiding the jamming of hydraulic components or the wear of friction pairs, prolonging the service life of hydraulic components and hydraulic systems, and enhancing the reliability of hydraulic systems.

Its center is a cylindrical permanent magnet, and the outer part of the magnet is a cover made of nonmagnetic material. Several iron rings are wound around the cover, and the iron rings are connected by copper bars, and a certain gap is kept between each iron ring.

When the ferromagnetic impurities in the hydraulic medium pass through the gap of the iron ring, they are adsorbed on the iron ring, thus playing the role of filtering.
For easy cleaning, the iron ring is divided into two halves. When the gap is blocked by impurities, the iron ring can be removed for cleaning, and then installed for repeated use. The magnetic filter element can also be combined with other filter materials to form a combined filter element, which is used for paper filter elements on the oil return road. The filter paper filter element is formed by bonding inner and outer cylinders and oil filter paper sandwiched between them. The inner and outer cylinders are rolled by thin steel plates, which are punched with many round holes for oil passage. The filter paper is folded into a star shape to increase the flow area. The central pull rod of the filter element is provided with a plurality of magnetic filter elements composed of magnetic rings and nylon spacers.

Magnetic Filter