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Principle and introduction
Magnetic glass cleaner, also known as windows cleaner, refers to a tool specially designed for wiping and cleaning glass, especially for house windows.

Magnetic glass cleaner is all double-sided, and the adsorption of two-sided glass wipers is realized by using the principle of magnet adsorption, so that one side of the glass cleaner moves, and the other side of the glass cleaner adsorbed by the magnet moves along with it, thus achieving the effect of wiping both sides at one side and cleaning the outer glass of high-rise buildings.

Magnetic glass cleaner

Fixed magnetic glass cleaner

The magnetic force of a fixed magnetic glass cleaner is fixed, and it is used for a specific range of glass thickness. For example, a single-layer glass cleaner is only suitable for single-layer glass, and a double-layer glass cleaner is only suitable for double-layer glass of high-rise buildings.

Glass cleaner with adjustable magnetic force
The adjustable magnetic force glass cleaner has multi-gear magnetic force that can be adjusted. Generally, the magnetic force can be adjusted by rotating the magnetic adjustment button or by placing the thickness and number of magnetic insulation plates in the middle, so as to adapt to different thicknesses of glass.

Magnetic glass cleaner


Double-sided glass rubs and absorbs magnetism, which could wipe outside the house when standing in the house. The safety rope design solves the trouble that the upper floor cannot wipe the outer glass.
Special cleaning cotton, special scraping strips, compared with traditional wiping with rags and newspapers, are clean and clean, leaving no water marks.
Wipe on one side and clean on both sides.