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Magnetic grate, also called magnetic frame, is made of magnetic rods according to different use requirements and different shapes and sizes, which are fixed and formed by stainless steel plates.
The magnetic grate can be installed at the feeding hopper, discharge port, conveying pipeline, etc. When materials flow through the magnetic grid, iron impurities will be firmly adsorbed on the magnetic rod, thus achieving the effects of purifying materials and protecting the safe operation of downstream equipment.
The magnetic grate can also be used to filter fine iron impurities entrained in powder, particles, liquid and gas materials.

Selectable characteristics

  1. Surface treatment: mirror polishing and wire drawing polishing;
  2. Surface material: SS304 and SS316;;
  3. Magnetic strength grades of magnetic rods: 3000Gs, 10000Gs and 12000GS;;
  4. Working temperature <: 80℃, 100℃, 120℃, 150℃, 180℃, 200℃, 250℃ and 300℃;
  5. Size and shape: The size and shape can be made into multilayer, ring, irregular polygon, semicircle, etc.
  6. Cleaning method: conventional type and casing easy cleaning type;
  7. Optional accessories: handle, guide bar and guide plate.
Magnetic Grate


  1. Drawer grate iron remover
  2. Fluid pipe iron remover
  3. Rotary grate iron remover
  4. Easy to clean magnetic grate
Magnetic Grate