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What are the main methods of vacuum coating?

Vacuum coating application is a large branch of vacuum application, which has a very wide range of applications in optics, electronics, physical and chemical instruments, packaging, machinery and surface treatment technology. In order to give you a more detailed understanding of the application of vacuum coating, today I will introduce the main methods of vacuum coating application in detail, I hope it will be useful to everyone!

The application of vacuum coating is simply understood as the use of evaporation, sputtering and subsequent condensation to coat metal films or coatings on objects such as metals, glass, ceramics, semiconductors and plastic parts in a vacuum environment. Compared with the traditional coating method, the vacuum coating application belongs to a kind of dry coating, and its main methods include the following:

Vacuum evaporation
The principle is that under vacuum conditions, the material is heated with an evaporator to vaporize or sublime, and the vaporized ion flow is directly directed to the substrate, and the solid film is deposited on the substrate.

sputter coating
Sputtering coating is to connect 2000V high voltage to the cathode under vacuum conditions to excite glow discharge. Positively charged argon ions strike the cathode to shoot out atoms. The sputtered atoms are deposited on the substrate through an inert atmosphere to form a film layer.

Ion coating
That is, the vacuum ion coating that the dry screw vacuum pump manufacturer has introduced. It is developed on the basis of the above two vacuum coating technologies, so it has the process characteristics of both. Under vacuum conditions, the working gas or the vaporized material (film material) is partially ionized by gas discharge, and the vaporized material or its reactant is deposited on the surface of the substrate under ion bombardment. During the formation of the film, the substrate is always bombarded by high-energy particles and is very clean.

Vacuum roll coating
Vacuum roll coating is a continuous coating technology on flexible substrates by physical vapor deposition to achieve some functional and decorative properties of flexible substrates.
The above four belong to physical vapor deposition technology applications (PVD).