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What is the magnetic moment of NdFeB magnets?

Magnetic moment is a physical property of NdFeB magnets. Magnetic moment describes the physical quantity of current-carrying coil or microscopic particle magnetism.

Magnetic moment is a physical property of NdFeB magnets. When the magnet is in the external magnetic field, it will feel a certain torque, which will make the magnetic moment neatly arranged along the direction of the magnetic field lines of the external magnetic field. Not only magnets have magnetic moments, electrons, molecules, current-carrying loops, or planets all have magnetic moments. The direction of the magnetic moment in NdFeB magnets is that the guide pole of the magnet points to the north pole, and the magnitude of the magnetic moment is proportional to the magnetism and magnitude of the magnet.

In atoms, electrons move around the nucleus, and this behavior has orbital magnetic moments; electron spins also have spin magnetic moments; protons, nuclei, neutrons, and other elementary particles also have spin magnetic moments.