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Why can’t copper and aluminum be attracted by magnets?

Magnets are the most common magnetic substances in our lives. We have all seen magnets and played with magnets. We also experimented with them in physics class. In fact, its scientific name is called a magnet, and its atomic structure is relatively special. The two ends of the magnet are called magnetic poles. The magnet can attract ferromagnetic substances because the magnet itself has a magnetic field. What is a ferromagnetic substance? For example, iron, the internal order of its atoms is relatively disordered, and the magnetism cancels each other, but under the action of the magnetic field, it will be neatly ordered, so it can be attracted.

But when the magnet is close, the atoms inside the iron line up so they can be attracted by the magnet. So the question is, can magnets attract all matter? The answer is no. Such as copper, because copper is a diamagnetic material, when in an environment with a magnetic field, it will produce a kind of repulsion.

Aluminum is a paramagnetic substance, and there is almost no magnetic field inside, so it will not be attracted by magnets. Although it will generate a certain magnetic field when it encounters a magnet, this magnetic field is very weak, less than one ten millionth of that of iron, so it is Not attracted by magnets. Therefore, it can be concluded that ferromagnets can attract magnetic substances, but cannot attract paramagnetic substances and diamagnetic substances. Seeing this, have you learned more about magnets?