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Heavy rare earth NdFeB magnetic pure metal PVD coating and infiltration two-step method

Compared with the direct infiltration method, although this method requires two steps of coating and infiltration, it has the following obvious advantages:
①On the infiltrated material, it is not only pure and free of impurities, but also the coating amount (that is, the amount of infiltration) can be controlled most accurately, reaching the order of milligrams. In addition, the obtained coating is nano-scale, so it can achieve a thickness of 8mm. Production of rare earth NdFeB magnets;
②Under the same infiltration amount, the increase of coercivity is higher than other methods; the increase of Hcj is 0.5-1.0KOe higher than that of other processes when infiltrating dysprosium; the increase of Hcj is 0.8 higher than that of other processes when infiltrating terbium -2.0KOe.
③Because of the advantage of high Hcj increase and the realization of the same performance index, the coercivity performance index of the base metal used can be reduced. Based on the current price of various rare earths, the cost of the base metal can be reduced by 1.5-6 yuan/kg.
④PVD method (Vacuum Physical Vapor Deposition) coating on rare earth NdFeB magnets has high bonding force and uniform coating, which also ensures the consistency of product performance.
⑤With advanced automation equipment, there is no inconsistency in manual coating operations, and the consistency and batch stability of products will not be affected by the operator’s proficiency.