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Permanent magnet roller, is a high-tech product developed on the basis of roller, which is suitable for dry magnetic separation of massive primary magnetite ore after coarse crushing, with the upper limit of particle size of 350mm.
The utilization of low-grade ore can recover a large amount of discarded waste ore and be used for the recovery of tailings, which can obviously improve the economic benefits.

It is widely used in coal, nonferrous metal ore, steel slag, casting and refractory materials. Iron removal (including iron blocks, drill bits, screws, bars, tools, etc.) in grain, chemical materials and materials of various industries, so as to ensure that the equipment in the next process is in good condition and the effect is excellent.

Permanent magnet roller


  1. Rough separation of lean iron ore after coarse crushing or medium crushing, so as to eliminate waste rocks such as surrounding rocks, improve the grade and reduce the load of the next working procedure.
  2. It is used in hematite reduction closed-circuit roasting operation to sort raw ore that has not been fully reduced, and return it for re-roasting.
  3. It is used in ceramic industry to remove mixed iron from porcelain clay and improve the quality of ceramic products.
  4. Iron removal required by coal burning, foundry sand, refractory materials and other industries.

Technical features

  1. High-performance composite magnetic system, which adopts new high-performance magnetic material NdFeB magnetic steel and high-quality silver ferrite material. Due to the improvement of magnetic system structure, the overall magnetic field distribution curve is improved and the magnetic field action depth is increased.
  2. The mechanical structure with high strength and reliability ensures the normal operation of the magnetic roller in various harsh environments.
  3. The magnetic declination adjusting device is flexible and reliable, which realizes that the circumferential position of the magnetic system in the drum can be adjusted at will, and even when running at different belt speeds, the large ore can be located in the maximum magnetic force zone, which is beneficial to separation.
  4. Strong adaptability and wide application range.
Permanent magnet roller