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What industries do strong NdFeB magnets have an impact on?

What industries do strong NdFeB magnets have an impact on?

Strong NdFeB magnets, like electricity, cannot be seen or felt, and the magnetic force can only be felt when iron is close. Magnets are easy to make and are fairly common. Everyone knows that there is a gravitational field between matter. Similar to a magnetic field, it is a field that fills the space around the magnetic poles. The magnitude of the magnetic field can be represented by the number of imaginary magnetic field lines. The denser the magnetic field lines, the stronger the magnetic field. On the contrary, the weaker the magnetic field if the magnetic field lines are sparse.

When a strong magnet moves, charged particles are subjected to a type of Lorentz force in the magnetic field. The magnetic field strength of the charged particle is distinguished by the strength of the Lorent magnet’s magnetic force in different magnetic fields. The Tesla is the international unit used to measure the magnetic flux density. The density of the magnetic flux is the basic physical quantity to describe the magnetic field, and the magnetic field strength is the auxiliary quantity to describe the magnetic field.

Strong magnets are called permanent magnets, so, does it really not demagnetize?

Strong magnets are called permanent magnets. According to the principle, demagnetization has nothing to do with time. There are two main factors that cause magnet demagnetization, temperature and oxidation. If the temperature is too high and exceeds the Curie temperature of 300 degrees Celsius, it will lose its magnetism. If the protection is not good, it will lose its magnetism if it is oxidized, and this is the biggest reason for the failure of the magnet during use. Powerful magnets have the characteristics of small size, light weight and strong magnetic properties, and are by far the most cost-effective magnets. As the third-generation rare earth permanent magnet material, magnets have a high performance-price ratio and are widely used in energy, transportation, machinery, medical, IT, home appliances and other industries, especially with the development of knowledge economy represented by information technology, It brings new uses to functional materials such as rare earth permanent magnet industry, which brings broader market prospects to the NdFeB industry.

Analyze how much energy a strong magnet can store

How much energy can be stored by a strong magnet? How to make NdFeB permanent magnet? Sintered NdFeB permanent magnet is a kind of iron-based permanent magnet produced by powder metallurgy process. The main processes include formula smelting, powder forming, orientation sintering, mechanical processing, electroplating, etc. Among them, the control of oxygen content is an important indicator to measure the technological level. The amount of energy a magnet can store is a physical quantity that determines how much energy a magnet can store, even after a long period of use. Commonly used magnetic measuring instruments Commonly used magnetic measuring instruments are fluxmeter Teslameter, also known as Gauss meter magnetic measuring instrument. The fluxmeter is used to measure the magnetic induction flux. The magnetometer is used to measure the comprehensive magnetic properties.

In short: the strong magnet market has a bright future

The strong magnet is pressed from the powder produced by the crushing of raw material hydrogen. The initial shape is called blank. Later, different shapes can be processed according to customer requirements, such as: disc shape, circular ring shape, square shape, punched shape, trapezoidal shape, concave and convex shape Shape, run to shape, and some irregular shapes. The performance of powerful magnets depends on different magnetic energy product performance, and the magnetic force that can be achieved is different. Strong magnets are the main supporting products of various electronic products. Whether it is consumer home appliances and industrial products such as computers, communication equipment, automobiles, and defense industries, magnetic materials are inseparable. The medium and long-term market prospects of magnetic materials are very bright, and the status of China’s magnetic material products in the world will be further improved.