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flow chart


Customer enquiry
1. Confirm size, grade, quantity, coating
2. Download drawing if attached

1. Reply by email / social apps / telephone
2. Send quotations
3. Price negotiating if necessary
4. Shipment
5. Payment terms

Preparation before placing order
1. Confirm PI content, including information of customer
2. Double confirm lead time

Confirm order
1. Confirm payment terms
2. Arrange production
3. Transform customer drawing into our internal data
4. Print drawing and send to the production deparment

1. Refer to production flowchat
2. Timely reporting the production status to customer

Quality control
1. Inspection of raw material
2. Inspection of rough material
3. Inspection of final product
4. Inspection of package

1. Pack as customers requirement
2. Labels on the outside carton (pallets if necessary)
3. Sign shipping sheets
4. Arrange delivery (courier / air / sea way)

Logistics tracking
1. Follow up logistics information and update to customer
2. Send essential documents (Commercial Invoice & Packing List & Bill of Lading)
3. Confirm the goods has been received

After orders
1. Follow up within 15 days after customer received the magnets
2. Keep customer’s feedback in record (suggestions or details need to be improved)
3. After sales service provided

Keep in touch
1. Send greetings through facebook or twitter
2. Share life story from time to time
3. Make calls like a friend

Further cooperation
1. New products recommended
2. Inform customers abnormal situation of raw material market