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Permanent magnet iron remover utilizes the characteristics of magnets to absorb iron products, and achieves the effect of iron removal within an effective range. In the permanent magnet iron remover, special permanent magnet “NdFeB” with high coercivity and high remanence is used to form the composite magnetic system. It has the advantages of maintenance-free, strong magnetic force, long service life, simple installation, convenient use and reliable operation. It is suitable for removing iron in belt conveyor, vibrating conveyor, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and other applications. Remove 0.1 ~ 35 kg of ferromagnetic substances, and the service life of the internal permanent magnetic system is more than 10 years.

Belt permanent magnet iron remover

Technical introduction

  1. high-performance NdFeB material is used as magnetic source, which has strong magnetism and is not easy to demagnetize.
  2. The equipment has excellent sealing performance, so it can be well adapted to various harsh environments.
  3. The control part can realize manual control and centralized control.
  4. No excitation coil, saving electricity and energy.
  5. The rectifier control device is not needed and the reliability is high.
  6. There is no problem of temperature rise, so there is no distinction between “cold state” and “hot state” in magnetic field intensity, and the magnetic field is constant.
  7. In case of power failure, the iron pieces sucked on the iron remover will not fall back to the conveying materials.
  8. There is no insulation and withstand voltage problem. The waste iron conveyor belt driven by explosion-proof motor can become an explosion-proof dust remover.
Belt permanent magnet iron remover